Monday, October 30, 2017

It's late.

It's almost eleven pm. My left foot is throbbing. Not in much pain, just uncomfortable pain. But pain nevertheless.

Can sleep because it's bothering me. 

Drizzling outside. Love the sound of the rain drops as it hits my windows. But it's not cold. It's warm. 

I can only imagine those who are still working at this hour. I used to. Working in a 7-11 during my late teenage years. Can't find meaning in it. Glad I left. 


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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Idris. Now what.

Picking up su from the airport this late evening. The 4yo can't for his omak to be home. Told him to take a nap after lunch so that he would not be asleep when it's time to go to the airport. And lo and behold, he did.

Half an hour later he woke up, went to the toilet and asked if we could go to the airport. Told him to nap a bit more. And he did. This from a boy who seldom nap.

45 minutes later, he came in my room, hair totally dishevelled and with a straight face,
"Abah. I have taken my nap. Now what?"

I can't possible tell him to nap again right?


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Thursday, July 06, 2017


The magical number this year. This is my youngest's 4th year celebrating Hari Raya with us. And every year he reminds us how magical it was when it was just us and my eldest. Its never the same when its with him, though. There is always a magical layer whenever he is around. His carries his wit around him, and yes, he can be very lovable and huggable. Looking forward to the 5th year. Here are some pictures, taken with my Fujifilm gear.

At Safra Punggol

In the car.

Pouty Mouth

Going to school for Eid celebration.

Ever so smiley.

With the bear.

Smiley bear.

Playing with his nerf gun.

With Hana, his cousin twice over.

Pizza face.

While grabbing something for dinner.

Ever so happy.

The camera, a tool to capture the moments for when you look back at those moments, it capture not just the pictures but the emotions too.

Thursday, June 29, 2017


Decided to try out Brilliant Print as it was recommended by several of my friends. Sent an image file to be printed and it turned out to be fantastic. Price was a bit steep, so I will only use them when I really need to.

Foam Boards

Wife introduced me to a cheaper alternative. Images printed on foam boards. Much more affordable. True, foam board prints does not have the richness of canvass prints, but they will do for displays on my walls. Today, I am sending them a third batch. They can only be found on facebook, and the name of the shop is Master color. Turnaround can be as quick as a day.

Some of the pictures which I sent for printing today...

Idris and the Bear.

Gorgeous's family

Darling and her sister.

With my in laws.

My dad's siblings. (repeat order)

Hopefully I can get them tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Several things...

Several things...
happened recently.
Did a minor reno, and lost a bit of weight. But the most recent is that of Eid. Here are some picture. Taken either on the fuji x100s or the xe2 with the 14mm.



Gorgeous, Sufian and Nadine

Idris and Hana


Happy Eid to everybody and to everybody, be safe.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Mothers day.

Its this coming Sunday. We celebrated with the gang on Tuesday night. Got my camera all set up but did not bring it. Hate it when that happens.

Got only this picture from the Xe2 and the14mm to remember that day. This was on Wednesday.

Adam, sharing some moments with oMak.

Saturday, July 30, 2016


Lazy Saturday. Took a two hour nap. All of us. Well, all except abang. He went for his madrasah. The briyani sure had a long lasting kick.